Solar-Powered Mobility

Within a Solar Budget: Solar Personal Rapid Transit in Boston will solve problems of congestion, pollution, gas prices and climate risks while saving families a car payment per month. The Town of Secaucus, NJ has signed a Letter of Intent to allow JPods, Inc. to build the world’s first solar-powered mobility network from Secaucus Juction train station to near Giant Stadium.

Challenge:  Burning fossil fuels is destroying sources-overviewour climate and our world.  As just one example, in the U.S. Northeast rising sea level and more frequent damaging storms are putting coastal communities in danger.  In 2012 Hurricane Sandy flooded New York City subways and tore up the New Jersey-Long Island coast.   Since 2000, storms have begun to topple coastal houses on Plum Island, MA,  into the sea.  The tides and winds of the 2013 winter northeasters sliced away large portions of the protective dunes along the Hull, MA, peninsula.  The greatest contributors to climate change are transportation and generating electricity.

Urgency: The time to act is NOW.  We are close to an irreversible collapse of climate. The clock is ticking. In November 2011, the International Energy Agency published a report stating that we would be “locked in” to irreversible global warming within five years unless we dramatically change the rate at which we are constructing new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Take action:  1) Contact us to discuss how you might like to participate in supporting building a short section of Solar Personal Rapid Transit on Columbia Point in Boston so people can see it, with the goal of kicking off a Solar PRT network connecting Boston area neighborhoods to the T, trains, and ferries, which could lead to a stable climate and healthy economy for Massachusetts and the world.

2) Ask your State legislators to adopt a Performance Standard to allow private enterprise to build a Solar Personal Rapid Transit network on public rights-of-way using private capital.  This is a key step for solving Boston’s transportation crisis and for helping stabilize climate.


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